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Savannah Environmental provides a holistic environmental management service to public and private sector clients. Current clients include:
  • Eskom Holdings Limited Generation Division
  • Eskom Holdings Limited Transmission Division
  • Department of Water Affairs
  • Department of Environmental Affairs
  • African Clean Energy Developments
  • South African National Roads Agency Limited
  • East Rand Water Care Company
  • Renewable Energy Investments South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  • VentuSA Energy (Pty) Ltd
  • Just Energy
  • Thupela Energy
  • Rainmaker Energy Projects (Pty) Ltd
  • Moyeng Energy (Pty) Ltd
  • BioTherm Energy (Pty) Ltd
  • Windlab Developments South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  • Exxaro Resources Limited
  • Crenersol (Pty) Ltd
Current projects being undertaken by Savannah Environmental include Basic Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments and environmental compliance monitoring. Documents for public review are available for download below.

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Saldanha Bay Network Strengthening Project DEA ref: 14/12/16/3/3/2/926 Western Cape Province Eskom Holdings SOC Limited


DEA Ref No: 14/12/16/3/3/2/926

Project Name: Saldanha Bay Network Strengthening Project

Applicant: Eskom Holdings SOC Limited

Project Location: In the Saldanha Bay area, approximately 130km north west of Cape Town, between Vredenburg and Langebaan, in the Western Cape Province.

Proposed activity: 

» Construction of a new 400/132kV Transmission Substation (Tx) in the Saldanha Bay area with a planned capacity of 3 x 500 MVA transformers.  The transmission substation footprint will be 600m x 600m.

» Construction of a new 132/66/11kV Distribution Substation (Dx) near the current Blouwater Substation in the Saldanha Bay area and decommissioning of the existing Blouwater Substation.  

» The construction of two 400kV power lines (approximately 35 - 40 km) from the Aurora Substation to the new proposed distribution and transmission substations.  A servitude of 55m is required for each power line.

» Construction of 3 x double circuit 132kV power lines in order to connect the distribution substation to the transmission substation.

» Replacing two of the four existing 250 MVA 400/132kV transformers with 2 x 500 MVA transformers at Aurora Substation.

» Establishing 2 x 132 kV feeder bays around Aurora Substation.  

EIA Process:  In terms of Section 24 and 24D of the National Environmental Management Act (No 107 of 1998), as read with Government Notices R982 to R985, an EIA process is being undertaken for the proposed project.  Following comments received from Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) during the 30-day review period of the draft EIA Report, a number of changes to the report are required and new information has been included in the final EIA Report prior to submission of this report to the Department of Environmental Affairs.  A Revised EIA Report has been prepared in terms of the EIA Regulations of 2014, GN R982, Regulation 23(1). 

Revised EIA Report Available for Review:  The Revised EIA Report is available for review from 27 January 2017 – 27 February 2017.  The report can be viewed at the following locations: Vredenburg Public Library (School Street, Vredenburg); Hopefield Public Library (Oak Street, Hopefield); Langebaan Public Library (Cnr. Oostewal & Bree Street, Langebaan); Saldanha Bay Public Library (Berg Street, Saldanha) and 

To obtain further information and register on the project database, please submit your name, contact information and interest in the project, in writing, to Savannah Environmental to the contact person below.

Gabriele Wood of Savannah Environmental 

Post: PO Box 148, Sunninghill, 2157, Johannesburg

Tel: 011 656 3237  |  Fax: 086 684 0547




Revised EIA Report available for review
Revised EIA for Review - Jan2017 10192.27 KB View
Appendix A - EIA Project Consulting Team CVs 993.22 KB View
Appendix B - Authority Consultation 1924.15 KB View
Appendix C1 - I&AP Database 112.41 KB View
Appendix C2 - Site Notices & Adverts 11488.19 KB View
Appendix C3 - Background Information Document 1035.06 KB View
Appendix C4 - Organs of State Correspondence 3832.83 KB View
Appendix C5 - Stakeholder Correspondence 2004.65 KB View
Appendix C6 - Comments Received 8832.14 KB View
Appendix C7 - Meeting Minutes 447.2 KB View
Appendix C8 - Comments & Responses Report 605.09 KB View
Appendix D - Ecology Study 5874.46 KB View
Appendix E - Avifaunal Assessment 2497.68 KB View
Appendix F - Wetland Assessment Report 1839.53 KB View
Appendix G - Heritage Impact Assessment 7414.92 KB View
Appendix H - Agricultural Assessment and Soils 738.15 KB View
Appendix I - Visual Impact Assessment 14730.68 KB View
Appendix J - Town Planning Study 1331.92 KB View
Appendix K - Social Impact Assessment 1275.74 KB View
Appendix L - Environmental Management Programme 5593.18 KB View
Appendix M - Maps 7890.58 KB View

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