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Savannah Environmental provides a holistic environmental management service to public and private sector clients. Current clients include:
  • Eskom Holdings Limited Generation Division
  • Eskom Holdings Limited Transmission Division
  • Department of Water Affairs
  • Department of Environmental Affairs
  • African Clean Energy Developments
  • South African National Roads Agency Limited
  • East Rand Water Care Company
  • Renewable Energy Investments South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  • VentuSA Energy (Pty) Ltd
  • Just Energy
  • Thupela Energy
  • Rainmaker Energy Projects (Pty) Ltd
  • Moyeng Energy (Pty) Ltd
  • BioTherm Energy (Pty) Ltd
  • Windlab Developments South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  • Exxaro Resources Limited
  • Crenersol (Pty) Ltd
Current projects being undertaken by Savannah Environmental include Basic Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments and environmental compliance monitoring. Documents for public review are available for download below.

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Powerline from Rheboksfontein WEF - Aurora Substation Western Cape Province DEA REF: 14/12/16/3/3/1/1533 Moyeng Energy (Pty) Ltd

Project Name: Power line from the Rheboksfontein Wind Energy Facility to the Aurora Substation

Applicant: Moyeng Energy (Pty) Ltd

Proposed Amendments: In terms of the environmental authorisation (EA) received in July 2016, power line Alternative 1D is authorised as the preferred route for the power line.  Following objections raised by the affected landowners regarding the approval of Alternative 1D as the preferred alternative as a result of impacts on agricultural activities and land use, further discussions and recent on-site data collected by the bird specialist and Eskom, the findings of the assessment have been revisited and revised.  Moyeng Energy (Pty) Ltd is requesting DEA to amend the preferred alternative to Alternative 1C (i.e. parallel to the existing Eskom 400kV power line) in order to minimise impacts on avifauna and land use.

Project Location: The power line route crosses the following properties: Riet Fontein 5/378, Elandsfontyn 5/349, Elandsfontyn 6/349, Groote Fontyn RE/305, Groote Fontyn 2/305, Adjoining Springfontein 174, Yzerfontein Re/178, Yzerfontein 6/178, Riet Fontein RE/378, Riet Fontein 1/378, Elandsfontyn 1/349, Driehoeks Fontein 3/176, Yzerfontein 3/178, Elandsfontyn 2/349, Elandsfontyn 3/349, Elandsfontyn 7/349, Riet Fontein 2/378, Riet Fontein 3/378, Drooge Valley 1/456, Driehoeks Fontein RE/176, Zwart Water 1/454, Schilpad Fontein 5/455, Sonquas Fontein 1/446, Drooge Valley Re/456, Zwartbergs Valley RE/447, Plat Klip 1/551, Rheboks Fontein RE/568, Bonteberg RE/571.

In terms of Condition 5 of the Environmental Authorisation and Regulation 31 of the EIA Regulations of December 2014, it is possible for an applicant to apply, in writing, to the competent authority for a change or deviation from the project description to be approved.  


Savannah Environmental has prepared a Motivation Report in support of this amendment application on behalf of Moyeng Energy (Pty) Ltd, and provides detail pertaining to the significance and impacts of the proposed change to the project description in order for interested and affected parties to be informed of the proposed amendment, and for the competent authority to be able to reach a decision in this regard.  This motivation document has been made available to registered interested and affected parties at for a 30-day period from 30 November 2016 to 23 January 2017.  CD copies will be provided to stakeholders on request.

Please submit written comments to:

Gabriele Wood

PO Box 148, Sunninghill, 2157

Phone: 011 656 3237  |  Fax: 086 680 0547



Motivation for Amendment of EA
Motivation Re-Amendment to Authorisations (Nov16) 552.33 KB View
Appendix A1 - Vegetation Report 344.25 KB View
Appendix A2 - HIA Report 585.1 KB View
Appendix A3 - AIA Report 771.42 KB View
Appendix A4 - Letter from Dr Graham Avery (PIA) 158.16 KB View
Appendix A5 - Avifauna Report 1433.07 KB View
Appendix A6 - VIA Report 757.89 KB View
Appendix A7 - SIA Report 364.05 KB View
Appendix B - Addendum to Avifauna Specialist Report 582.58 KB View
Appendix C - Public Participation Documentation 519.9 KB View

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