Poortjie Solar Energy Cluster


Proposed Activity:  Poortjie Solar Energy Cluster (the “Cluster”) entails the development of six (6) solar energy facilities and associated grid connection infrastructure.

Location:  The projects are located approximately 15km north-west of Nelspoort and 60km south-west of Beaufort West within the Central Karoo District Municipality in the Western Cape Province.

Project Name Brakpan 1 Solar Energy Facility Brakpan 2 Solar Energy Facility Montana 1 Solar Energy Facility Montana 2 Solar Energy Facility Montana 3 Solar Energy Facility Poortjie Wes Cluster Grid
Applicant Brakpan 1 Solar Energy Facility (Pty) Ltd Brakpan 2 Solar Energy Facility (Pty) Ltd Montana 1 Solar Energy Facility (Pty) Ltd Montana 2 Solar Energy Facility (Pty) Ltd Montana 3 Solar Energy Facility (Pty) Ltd Poortjie Wes Cluster Grid (Pty) Ltd
Affected properties (i.e. project site) »      The Farm Poortje 76 »      The Farm Louws Baken 77 »      Portion 4 of the Farm Montana No. 123 »      The Remainder Portion 3 of the Farm Montana No 123 »      Portion 1 of the Farm Belvedere Nr. 73 »      Portion 2 of the farm Belvedere Nr. 73

»      Portion 1 of the Farm Montana 73

Capacity Up to 220MW Up to 185MW Up to 210MW Up to 160MW Up to 230MW
Technology »      Up to 405272 PV modules (mono or bifacial)


»      Up to 343000 PV modules (mono or bifacial)


»      Up to 385168 PV modules (mono or bifacial)


»      Up to 385168 PV modules (mono or bifacial)


»      Up to 418096 PV modules (mono or bifacial) »      A 132kV Collector Switching (+/-16ha in extent)

»       (A new 400/132kV LILO MTS via a 132kV OHL

Associated infrastructure (1)     Solar Facility

»      Single axis tracking structures, Fixed Axis Tracking, or Fixed Panels;

»      Fixed tilt mounting structure (to be considered during the design phase of the facility);

»      Galvanised steel and/or aluminium solar module mounting structures;

»      Solar module substructure foundations. These will likely be drilled into the ground, filled with concrete, and then have posts fixed inside them. Alternately, ramming may be used; and

»      50 to 55 Central Inverter stations

(2)     Building Infrastructure

»      Offices;

»      Operational and maintenance control centre;

»      Warehouse/workshop;

»      Panel maintenance and cleaning area;

»      Ablution facilities;

»      A conservancy tank for storage of sewage underground with a capacity of up to 35m³; and

»      Guard Houses.

(3)     Associated Infrastructure

»      On-site substation building – IPP owned (including lightening conductor poles);

»      Eskom switching station

»      132kV OHL powerline from the Project site to the collector substation, to be handed over to Eskom at Commercial Operation Date (“COD”) (this forms part of a separate BA);

»      Battery storage (500MW/500MWh);

»      Internal distribution lines of up to 33 kV;

»      Underground low voltage cables or cable trays;

»      Internal gravel roads;

»      Fencing;

»      Stormwater channels;

»      Temporary work area during the construction phase; and an

»      Access road to site from an existing District gravel road.

Access roads (gravel in nature)

Application for Basic Assessment Process: An application for Environmental Authorisation: In terms of Sections 24 and 24D of the National Environmental Management Act (No 107 of 1998), as read with the EIA Regulations, GNR 982-985 of 4 December 2014, as amended, a Basic Assessment is required to be undertaken for the proposed solar PV cluster farm and its associated infrastructure.

 Basic Assessment Reports available for public review and comment:  Basic Assessment Reports in support of the Application for Environmental Authorisation for each project have been compiled and are available for review and comment from Friday, 03 June 2022 to Monday, 07 July 2022. The availability of the BA Report for the grid connection infrastructure for a 30-day review and comment period will be from Wednesday, 08 June 2022 to Monday, 14 July 2022.

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