Vaal River Solar PV Facilities, Substations and 132kV power line


Projects and Applications:

Project Title DFFE Reference Number Applicant Affected properties
1.      Vaal River Solar 2 PV Facility 12/12/20/2513/1 Vaal River Solar 2 (Pty) Ltd Farm Vaalkop, Portion 3 of Farm Vaalkop and Portion 200 of the Farm Noitgedacht
2.      Vaal River Solar 1 PV Facility 12/12/20/2513/2 Vaal River Solar 1 (Pty) Ltd Portion 3 of Farm Vaalkop
3.      Vaal River Solar 3 PV Facility 12/12/20/2513/3 Vaal River Solar 3 (Pty) Ltd Portion 200 of the Farm Noitgedacht
4.      Substation and 132kV power line for Vaal River Solar PV Facility projects 12/12/20/2513/4 Kabi Solar (Pty) Ltd Portion 3 of Farm Vaalkop and Portion 4 of Farm Modderfontein

Amendments: Vaal River Solar PV Facilities, Substations and 132kV power line for the Vaal River Solar projects have received separate Environmental Authorisations (EA) on the 10 October 2012. The Vaal River Solar project Applicants are requesting the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) to amend the existing Environmental Authorisations as follows:

  • An increase of total generation capacity of the facility (associated with the three Vaal River Solar PV Facilities)
  • An update to the project description of the EA to include the construction and operation of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) (associated with the three Vaal River Solar PV Facilities)
  • Extension of the validity of the Environmental Authorisation (associated with all four projects)

Project Location: The Vaal River Solar projects are located approximately 8 km northeast of Orkney within the City of Matlosana Local Municipality in the North West Province.

 Amendment Process: In terms of Conditions 5 of the EA dated 10 October 2012 and Regulation 29 of the EIA Regulations 2014, as amended, it is possible for an applicant to apply, in writing, to the competent authority for a change or deviation from the project description to be approved.  An application in this regard has been submitted to the DFFE who have confirmed that the applications fall within the ambit of a Part 1 amendment process.  A public participation process is required to be undertaken in support of these applications in accordance with the requirements of the DFFE.

 Motivation Report available for public review and comment:  Savannah Environmental has compiled a Motivation Report in support of the Amendment Applications (Part 1 amendment).  The Motivation Reports and supporting documentation will be available for public review and comment from Tuesday, 05 July 2022 to Wednesday, 03 August 2022

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