Gunstfontein WEF 132kV Overhead Power Line Amendment


(DEFF ref.: 14/12/16/3/3/1/1619 (original EA) and 14/12/16/3/3/1/1619/AM1 (current amendment)

Project Name: Construction of the Gunstfontein Switching Station, 132kV Overhead Powerline and Ancillary Infrastructure for the Proposed Gunstfontein Wind Farm near Sutherland, Northern Cape Province.


Applicant: Gunstfontein Wind Farm (Pty) Ltd.


Proposed Amendment: Gunstfontein Wind Farm (Pty) Ltd (hereafter “Gunstfontein”) received an Environmental Authorisation (DEFF ref.: 14/12/16/3/3/1/1619) for the construction of a 132kV overhead powerline, including a switching station and ancillary infrastructure on 17 February 2017, in order to connect and evacuate power from the authorised 200 MW Gunstfontein Wind Energy Facility (DEFF ref: : 14/12/16/3/3/2/826) into the National Eskom Grid. The grid connection infrastructure comprises a switching station (~120 x 120m) in close proximity to the Gunstfontein WEF substation, and a 132kV overhead powerline (single or double circuit), including ancillary infrastructure (access roads/tracks, laydown areas, metering installations and similar infrastructure).In consultation with the DEFF, Gunstfontein is now requesting the DEFF to amend the original EA under Section 31 and 32 of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (EIA), 2014, as amended, with the following amendment requests:


  • Request to update the coordinates supplied for the start, middle and end points of the power line corridor as authorised in the original EA;
  • Amendment to Condition 19 of the EA;
  • Amendment to the terminating substation specified in the EA; and
  • Request to correct a typographical error for a property name.
  • Amendment to condition 14 of the EA by approval of the revised EMPr (Version 1, dated March 2021) which reflects the updated grid connection layout in accordance with amendment no. 1 of the application.


Project Location: The project site is located approximately 50 km north of Matjiesfontein and 30 km south of Sutherland within the Karoo Hoogland Local Municipality, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Namakwa District Municipality, Northern Cape Province, and is located on the following properties: Remainder of the Farm Gunstfontein 131; Remainder of the Farm Boschmans Hoek 177; Remainder of the Farm Wolven Hoek 182; Remainder of the Farm Zwanepoelshoek Re/184; and Remainder of the Farm Leeuwe Hoek 183. In terms of Condition 5 of the EA dated 17 January 2017 and Chapter 5 of the EIA Regulations, 2014, as amended, it is possible for an applicant to apply, in writing, to the competent authority for a change or deviation from the project description to be approved.


Motivation Report available for public review and comment:  Savannah Environmental has compiled a Motivation Report in support of the substantive Amendment Application (Part 2 amendment).  The Motivation Report and associated documentation is available for public review and comment from Wednesday, 10 March 2021 to Tuesday, 13 April 2021. The Motivation Report can be downloaded from Savannah Environmental’s website ( The due date for written comment is Tuesday, 13 April 2021.


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