Kolkies Grid EGI Connection Development


Applicant: South Africa Mainstream Renewable Power Developments (Pty) Ltd.

Proposed Activity:  Establishment six (6) Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy facilities (SEF), Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and associated Electrical Grid Infrastructure (EGI) connecting the facilities to the national grid at the existing Eskom 765kV Kappa Substation.  Infrastructure associated with the projects will include:

Solar Energy Facilities Electrical Grid Connections
  • Solar PV arrays comprising PV modules and mounting structures;
  • Inverters and transformers;
  • Cabling between the project components;
  • 33kV/132kV On-site substation (IPP portion);
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS);
  • Site offices and maintenance buildings, and
  • Permanent and temporary laydown areas;
  • Access roads and internal roads and
  • Fencing and lighting around the development area
  • Lightning protection
  • Temporary construction camp and laydown area
  • Telecommunication infrastructure
  • Stormwater channels and water pipelines.
  • 132 kV double- or single-circuit overhead power line;
  • 132kV on-site substation (Eskom portion);
  • Buildings associated with the substation;
  • Temporary and permanent laydown areas; and
  • Extension of the Eskom Kappa substation including new transformer bays (up to 500MVA); feeders; busbars; within the existing footprint, if required.

Project Location: Approximately 65km north-east of Ceres along the R365, within the Witzenberg Local Municipality, Cape Winelands District Municipality, Western Cape Province.

Kolkies PV Suite (six (6) PV Solar Energy Facilities developments) Kolkies Grid Suite (six (6) EGI Connection developments)
Projects (100MW respectively) Property/ies Projects (132kV respectively) Property/ies
Vygie PV SEF
  • Farm Die Brak 241 (Portion 0) – PV SEF & associated infrastructure; and
  • Farm Platfontein no. 240 (Portion 0) – Access Roads
Vygie EGI
  • Farm Die Brak 241 (Portion 0);
  • Farm Sadawa 239 (Portion 0); and
  • Farm Platfontein no. 240 (Portion 0)
Lily PV SEF Lily EGI
Kolkies PV SEF Kolkies EGI
Erica PV SEF Erica EGI
Compton PV SEF Compton EGI
Scholtzbos PV SEF Scholtzbos EGI

Basic Assessment Processes:  In terms of Sections 24 and 24D of the National Environmental Management Act (No 107 of 1998), as read with Government Notice R324 – R327, as amended, and GN R114 (February 2018), a Basic Assessment is required for each project associated with the Kolkies Suite.  Savannah Environmental is undertaking the required basic assessment and public participation processes for these projects.

Extension of review and comment period for Basic Assessment Reports:  The review and comment period for the BA Reports has been extended with an additional 30-days and will now end on Monday, 20 September 2021.  The final date to submit comments is, Monday, 20 September 2021.

Please note: Specialist studies for the PVs and EGIs for each suite are combined as neccesary, as per the agreement made during the pre-application meeting held with the Competent Authority. Please refer to the combined appendices download button below to obtain the appendices that are common to all the applications.

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