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Savannah Environmental provides a holistic environmental management service to public and private sector clients. Current clients include:
  • Eskom Holdings Limited Generation Division
  • Eskom Holdings Limited Transmission Division
  • Department of Water Affairs
  • Department of Environmental Affairs
  • African Clean Energy Developments
  • South African National Roads Agency Limited
  • East Rand Water Care Company
  • Renewable Energy Investments South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  • VentuSA Energy (Pty) Ltd
  • Just Energy
  • Thupela Energy
  • Rainmaker Energy Projects (Pty) Ltd
  • Moyeng Energy (Pty) Ltd
  • BioTherm Energy (Pty) Ltd
  • Windlab Developments South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  • Exxaro Resources Limited
  • Crenersol (Pty) Ltd
Current projects being undertaken by Savannah Environmental include Basic Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments and environmental compliance monitoring. Documents for public review are available for download below.

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Watercourse Crossings & Access Road for Klawer WEF Western Cape Province DEA & DP Ref:16/3/3/6/1/F3/6/3223/16 Vendiwell (Pty) Ltd

Project Name: Watercourse crossings associated with the access road upgrades to the authorised Klawer Wind Energy Facility, Western Cape

Applicant: Vendiwell (Pty) Ltd

Proposed Activity: Widening of the public and private access roads to the authorised Klawer Wind Energy Facility and implementation of associated watercourse crossings. 

Location: The proposed activities are located on the following properties: 

»             Portion 99 of Farm Birdfield 306

»             Portion 100 of Farm Birdfield 306

»             Remaining Extent of Farm 472

»             Remaining Extent of Farm Annex Mielie Draai 384

Environmental Impact Assessment Process: In terms of Sections 24 and 24D of the National Environmental Management Act (No 107 of 1998), as read with the EIA Regulations (2014) of GN R982 to GN R985, a Basic Assessment is required to be undertaken for the proposed project.  As part of this Basic Assessment Process, an application is to be submitted to the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP) as the competent authority for the proposed project.  Savannah Environmental is undertaking the required environmental assessment and public participation process.  he draft basic assessment has been submitted in accordance with the guideline enforced by the Competent Authority (DEA&DP), as such, no formal application has been placed.

Draft Basic Assessment Report Available for Public Review: A draft report is available for public review from 14 February 2017 to 15 March 2017 at the Klawer Public Library (Valley Street, Klawer, 8145).  The report is also available for download on  Please submit your comment by 14 December 2016. Comments can be made as written submission via fax, post or email. 

To obtain further information and register on the project database please contact:

Gabriele Wood

PO Box 148, Sunninghill, 2157

Phone: 011 656 3237  |  Fax: 086 680 0547


Basic Assessment Report for Public Review
Draft Basic Assessment Report for Review 1160.31 KB View
Appendix A - A3 Locality and Layout Map 685.72 KB View
Appendix B - Site Phototgraphs 2066.96 KB View
Appendix C - Facility Illustration 434.68 KB View
Appendix D1 - Ecology Specialist Report 2299.2 KB View
Appendix E1 - Site Notices & Newspaper Adverts 7203.83 KB View
Appendix E2 - Proof of Stakeholder Correspondence 1549.17 KB View
Appendix E3 - Authority Consultation 2069.28 KB View
Appendix E4 - I&AP Database 65.34 KB View
Appendix E5 - Comments Received 892.79 KB View
Appendix E6 - Comments and Responses Report 211.29 KB View
Appendix F - Impact Assessments 525.42 KB View
Appendix G - EMPr 491.03 KB View
Appendix G1 - Grievance Mechanism for Public Complaints & Issues 131.96 KB View
Appendix G2 - Legislative Requirements 272.16 KB View
Appendix G3 - Management Management Plan 85.53 KB View
Appendix H1 - EAP Declaration 542.75 KB View
Appendix H2 - Specialist Declaration 180.12 KB View
Appendix H3 - Project Team CVs 317.55 KB View
Appendix I1 - Heritage Specialist Report 996.15 KB View
Appendix I2 - Ecology Amendment Report 604.45 KB View
Appendix I3 - Ecology Specialist Impact Assessment 6246.23 KB View
Appendix I4 - Linear Activity Coordinates taken every 100m 85.44 KB View

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